Roost Customers Utilize Environments
as a Service to Improve Performance
& Reduce Costs

Icon_Sales-Engineer_GoldTechnology Case Study:  Cyber Security
Use Case: Product Management

Environments as a Service (EaaS) provide sales engineers with the flexibility to easily spin up product demo sites on demand.


An enterprise cybersecurity organization focused on compliance issues needed a way to let sales engineers do product demos that required running a live cluster.


Initially the sales team were provided with static clusters, but the utilization rate was under 5% globally. Adding to the complexity both sales engineers and prospects had to have significant experience with Kubernetes and CLI in order to connect to the clusters.

This technical requirement led to another issue, which was technical support  — the sales engineers needed 24/7 technical support that the small team struggled to provide. ​

Roost Environments as a Services Solution

Roost’s ephemeral environments can be spun up and down on demand to prevent clusters from running 24/7.

The sales engineers can now control the amount of time a cluster runs; and gracefully destroy it when the demo is complete. This change alone has cut the costs to run these demo clusters by over 80%. 

The Roost EaaS platform is easy to navigate and most functions can be achieved with only a few clicks making it possible for both the sales team and prospects to access demo environments and troubleshoot themselves, if necessary. The ease of use, combined with Roost’s 24/7 public Slack channels for technical help, has reduced the pressure on the internal support team. ​

“The Roost platform has helped us tremendously by providing multi-tenancy clusters on top of EKS clusters.

We can now easily deploy, upgrade and monitor these clusters… Roost also allows our development team to easily share improvements with the  product team for feature reviews.”



Icon_Product-Team_BlueTechnology Case Study:  Industrial Artificial Intelligence
Use Case: Sales Engineer

Roost environments reduced change failures by allowing developers to create sharable pre-production environments; product managers can now ensure services are certified prior to release.


An industrial AI organization was having a difficult time ensuring that services were being certified by teams before being released to production.


Unknowingly, teams were creating multiple staging sites which made it difficult for product managers to certify the latest application version before it was released to production. Failure rates were extremely high creating downtime and eroding morale between teams.

Roost Environments as a Services Solution

With Roost in place developers can effortlessly spin-up an ephemeral pre-production environment either at pull request, feature branch or any custom insertion point. 

Once created, a Roost environment can be shared simultaneously with each stakeholder so they can validate deliverables using their own criteria. This ensures that each and every service is certified prior to being released to production. 

Issues are now discovered before release, leading to fewer production bugs and the teams have confidence that releases will happen on schedule.

Since Roost environments are designed and configured to reflect the actual production environment there is no need to maintain multiple staging environments – reducing overhead and eliminating down time.

Experience the full Roost platform and all the features in a 14-day trial.

Developers can instantly create ephemeral environments for every pull request, work on multiple features at the same time and share production-like environments with QA and product teams for fast certification and review.

Your team can experience all features of the platform for 14-days at no cost and commitment. 

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With Roost developers instantly create ephemeral environments for every pull request.
It allows teams to work on multiple features at the same time and share production-like
environments with QA and product teams for fast certification and review.