How Environments as a Service Benefit DevOps Teams

What is an Environment as a Service?

An environment as a service (EaaS) platform instantly creates an ephemeral space where teams can experience & interact with sharable & testable applications crafted using configuration, infrastructure & dependent services. 

EaaS platforms are a way of delivering development infrastructure and services to run an application in an on-demand ephemeral environment. It removes the burden of creating custom scripts and managing complex software in order for developers to create a pre-production environment.

Roost Modernizes DevOps Processes by Providing Environments as a Service

Roost is an “Environments as a Service” platform that creates instant and ephemeral environments which automatically validates applications allowing developers to spot potential errors before a pull request is merged. 

With Roost, developers effortlessly create pre-production environments either at pull request, feature branch or any custom insertion point. Once created, a Roost environment can be shared with other stakeholders who validate their deliverable using their own criteria.

Roost environments as a service platform helps accelerate PR merge success
rates by removing the traditional CI phase of the SDLC.

How it Works - May 22



Watch a short video to learn about the benefits of ephemeral environments as a service.

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