Environments as a Service platforms are a powerful way to spin up the most complicated pre-production environment & automatically test changes against code repositories.

Roost Modernizes DevOps Processes by Providing Environments as a Service

Icon_On DemandRoost  Environments as a Service (EaaS) platform that on-demand creates an ephemeral pre-production environment

Roost's AI-enabled platform auto-discovers environment configuration by inspecting source-code repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket). This PROPRIETARY PROCESS is Roost's "secret sauce" to avoid integration issues later in production.


Icon_Share2Streamline collaboration -  With Roost preview environments, developers share a custom URL with any stakeholder and they become part of the review and development process right from the start.


What is an Environment as a Service Platform?

An environment as a service (EaaS) platform instantly creates an ephemeral space where teams can experience & interact with sharable & testable applications crafted using configuration, infrastructure & dependent services. 


How the Roost Environments as a Service Platform Works

How it Works - May 22