How the Roost Platform Accelerates Release Cycles

Achieve real-time release velocity for every change.

Core Capabilities of the Roost Platform

Icon_Ephemeral Environment

Ephemeral Pre-production Environments

Instantly create and ephemeral environment at every pull request, feature branch, tag or a custom insertion point in the DevOps / GitOps pipeline. 

Infrastructure is handled transparently so engineers no longer need to worry about creating pre-production environments or custom scripts for in order to test a code change.

Management of environments is easy when administered through the Roost control plane.

AI-enabled Auto-Discovery & Automated Testing

Auto-Discovery & Automated Testing

The Roost platform continuously scans source-code repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket) and discovers environment configuration (e.g. Helm charts, Docker files, Docker compose, Kubernetes Yaml files, Terraform files) then automatically tests code changes using the latest versioning and the power of machine learning.

This PROPRIETARY PROCESS is Roost's "secret sauce" to avoid integration issues later in production.

Icon_Share Ephemeral Environment

Sharable Preview Environments 

With Roost preview environments, developers share a custom URL with any stakeholder and they become part of the review and development process right from the start.

Stakeholders can validate changes BEFORE a change is merged to production.



Why pre-production environments are critical for modernizing devops tool chain

Current processes require developers to wait in a queue before their pull requests can be tested or is accessible to a staging environment for testing and certification. This process slows down PRs from merging into the main branch thus delaying releases.

The Roost platforms allows developers to create ephemeral pre-production environments on demand accelerating release cycles.

No more staging environments.
No more long queues.

Roost Platform Differentiators

Icon_CollaborateAutomated scanning  

Automatically maps and discovers environment configuration required to instantly test and validate code changes.

Icon_Increase ProductivityAccelerate release cycles

Since the Roost ephemeral environment is defined by a pull request and private to the developer numerous PRs can be run in parallel. No more QA bottlenecks!

Icon_CertifyFast & accurate testing

Source code repositories are continuously scanned ensuring change validation testing is done instantly upon request and performed with the latest versioning.

Icon_Product-TeamPrevent integration issues in production

Stakeholders (QA, product, engineers, architects, SREs, etc.) can review and validate changes BEFORE a pull request is merged. No more surprises in production!

Icon_Reduce CostDrastic reduction in overhead and costs 

Schedule length of deployment time and avoid running environments 24/7. Eliminate hours required for custom script creation done by each individual developer.

Icon_Preview-1Streamline collaboration 

Developers can share preview environments with stakeholders (via a custom URL) so they become part of the development process.