How Ephemeral Environments Benefit DevOps Teams

Advantages of Ephemeral Environments 

An ephemeral environment is the easiest and fastest way to create a pre-production environment.

Engineers can effortlessly spin-up an ephemeral environment at every pull request, feature branch, or insertion point in the DevOps / GitOps pipeline using the same micro services, containers, sidecars, etc. as production.Icon_Increase Productivity

Accelerate release cycles - Since the environment is defined by a pull request and private to the developer numerous PRs can be run in parallel. No more QA bottlenecks!

Icon_Reduce CostReduce costs - Avoid running environments 24/7 by scheduling length of deployment time. Eliminate the management of complex software and custom script creation done by individual developers.


What is an Ephemeral Environment?

Ephemeral simply means without fixed boundaries or life span. It is used as long as it is needed, no more and no less. An ephemeral environment can quickly be spun up and just as easily discarded. 

Ephemeral environments used for software development are designed fundamentally to be short-lived and to eventually go away.


Watch a short video to learn about Roost ephemeral environments.