Accelerate Your Releases with the Leading Test Automation Platform

Key Benefits - How the Roost Platform Makes Your Life Easier

user-story to test creation + intelligent integration testing = shorter release cycles

Icon_Ephemeral EnvironmentCreate a short-term environment for testing whenever needed

On-demand testl environment creation

Instantly get a full-stack testing environment, custom-built for a specific code change and designed to replace static staging environments.

Each environment exists for its functional use and automatically disappears after merge.

Icon_Collaborate Automated mapping & discovery knows your environment 

Roost's proprietary AI technology dynamically maps and discovers environment configuration (e.g. Helm charts, Docker files, Kubernetes YAML, Terraform) in order to replicate production. 

Roost-AutomationIntelligent testing

No more static staging environments

Tests are automatically run against an exact replica of production because source code repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket) are continuously scanned ensuring latest versioning.

No more QA bottlenecks

Since every Roost environment is created for a specific change numerous tests can be run in parallel.

Icon_Download-RoostOne platform for build, test & deploy  

Simplify cloud environment management

Roost automates all development processes in one platform and works on all leading cloud vendors. With our extensive REST API you can integrate with your existing tool stack and have the capability of deploying ephemeral environments directly to your release pipeline! takes care of the complex parts of testing and deploying all changes.

icon-messy-testingReduce complexity

Infrastructure handled automatically & transparently

The Roost platform knows your cloud-native infrastructure because it automatically maps and discovers environment configuration. Tests are run automatically and dynamically with the latest versioning. No more custom scripts. No more layers of test cycles. 

Icon_Increase ProductivityAccelerate release cycles

Good bye labor-intensive Kubernetes and cloud-native management

Full-stack pre-production environments ensure your code works through each stage of the pipeline from development to production. No more surprises in production.

Icon_Reduce CostReduce overhead & costs

Automate away laborious tasks & free up devs

Large teams are no longer needed to manage complex DevOps pipelines eliminating wasted hours writing custom scripts.

ICON-ju-validateStay Secure


Roost helps you stay secure because the platform is SOCII and HIPPA compliant.

Icon_Share2 Fast feed back & review

Prevent integration issues in production because changes in approved in development

Developers share preview URLs with stakeholders (other devs, product teams, SREs, QA) to validate changes. The testing and review become part of the development process rather than another step in a bloated CI/CD cycle.

Why ephemeral environments are critical for modernizing DevOps. 

In today's cloud-first world, pre-production environments are still created using hand-crafted scripts. Testing changes is a grinding process requiring long wait times for staging sites.

The Roost platform takes care of the complex parts of testing and deploying changes by combining rapid development, testing, and automation in one DevOps tool.

For each change, an ephemeral environment is created using the the same micro services, containers, sidecars, etc. as production. It is automatically tested against your code repository, released to production, and destroyed.

No more staging environments.
No more long queues.
Release at the speed of DevOps.

Core Capabilities of the Roost Ephemeral DevOps Platform

cool features that make development easier and faster

Icon_Ephemeral Environment

Ephemeral Environments

Instantly create an ephemeral environment custom-built specifically for each change, pull request, feature branch or insertion point. Each environment is a full-stack testing environment that uses the same micro services, containers, sidecars, etc. as production.

The environments exist for its functional use and automatically disappears after merge.


Environment Management Platform

The Roost DevOps platform removes the complexity of cloud-native environment creation and management by automating laborious tasks. Create clusters in your favorite cloud service and  seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. The platform is SOCII and HIPPA compliant.

AI-enabled Auto-Discovery & Automated Testing

Auto-Discovery & Automated Testing

The platform continuously scans source-code repositories and discovering environment configuration. It automatically tests code changes using the latest versioning and the power of machine learning. This PROPRIETARY PROCESS is Roost's "secret sauce" to avoid integration issues later in production.

Icon_Share Ephemeral Environment

Sharable Preview Environments 

Developers can share a custom URL for each pull request with each stakeholder (QA, product, SREs, etc.) so they can review and validate changes before changes are merged to the CI/CD pipeline.