What is a pre-production environment and 
why it is a critical software development tool

What is a pre-production environment?

A pre-production environment provides software engineers with an on-demand service integration testing and validation tier that resembles production as much a possible.

Pre-production environments are designed to automatically scan source code repositories accessing all necessary containers and micro services required to test and validate code changes.

This automates the testing process and prevents integration issues in production as change validation testing is done with the latest versioning.



Roost environments as a service platform provides developers with pre-production environments on demand.

Pre-production environments are a critical software development tool because they help speed-up & shorten the development lifecycle. Preview environments can be shared allowing all stakeholders to validate changes prior to merging to production. 

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Legacy Process Slow Down Innovation

In today’s development process there is no place for developers to test and validate their code with production-ready services, for early discovery of service-to-service interaction and upstream/downstream dependencies issues.


Shareholders review code changes in a preview environment... 

Roost environment can be shared simultaneously with each stakeholder they can validate deliverables ensuring that each and every service is certified prior to being released to production.

Cycles can be reduced and QA bottlenecks eliminated because stakeholders become a part of the application development process.

Works on my machine becomes a thing of the past...

Developers who use a pre-production environments can test service changes automatically and continuously with dependent services. This ensures that the changed service not only works on “my machine” but also works with the rest of the dependent services.



Developing & Testing in a Pre-production Environment Accelerates the Pipeline and Eliminates CI

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A pre-production environment allows all service changes to be tested and certified by developers thus the traditional CI phase is not needed anymore. Furthermore, once these changes go to production, the chances of failure are close to none. By eliminating the need for traditional CI, and left-shifting the battle-hardening of services and applications into the hands of developers, releases can be accelerated by at least 60%.


Roost believes that reducing the distance between development and production is a way to simultaneously
improve development velocity and
improve pull request merge success.
Watch this short video to see how we do it.