Watch a Short Overview of Roost

See how Roost eliminates change failure in development.

What Is RoostV2


In this short video see how the Roost platform uses machine learning for automated and continuous change validation and certification. This makes it easier for developers to test live services in a shareable, production-ready environment and see how their changes impact dependent services BEFORE shipping to production.

By spinning Kubernetes clusters in a fine-grained manner Roost helps to reduce your cloud costs while ensuring absolute consistency in development and production environments.

Roost provides a production-like environment for developers to ensure services are interoperable between environments. Developers can certify that services are working together prior to committing the code, ensuring absolute consistency between environments.


Roost ensures change failures do not occur!

Experience the Roost environment in a live product demo. See how quickly Roost gets releases production-ready... ensuring successful releases each and every time!