Roost uses machine learning for automatic and continuous code change validation. This makes it easier for developers to test live services with other stakeholders in an on-demand production-like environment. With the Roost platform developers:

• Creates instant & ephemeral production-like environments
• Allows developers to work on multiple features at the same time
• Share environments with Q/A and Product for fast testing and review

The whole development cycle is faster accelerating the feedback loop across stakeholders and completely eliminating the need for continuous integration (CI).

Accelerate the Development cycle

Developers can work on multiple features at the same time and share production-ready environments with stakeholders for fast and easy review and certification.


Develop with Live Services

Roost makes it easy for developers to test live services and code in a production-ready environment.

Developers get feedback from stakeholders automatically and continuously and can work on multiple features at the same time.


Certify & Validate Services 

Developers can share services with QA and product to test and automatically validate the state of containers.

These states can be certified as production ready or can be used for rollback if necessary.

Instant Production-Like Environments

On demand Roost spins up ephemeral, sharable production-ready environments.

Once the release is complete the instance can be disposed of reducing the need for cloud services.

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Significantly Reduces Cloud XOps Costs

Roost not only solves the tooling gap but goes beyond it.

Cloud Events

Roost allows you to inspect and scan clusters and provides details for both General & Security Events.

General events include: Kubernetes cluster resource related changes, plugins (e.g. Argo, Helm, Airflow) related state change activities, collaboration activities, etc. Roost also sends Security Events based on Falco rules configured.

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Workload Analytics







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Roost speeds up releases of containerized applications by enabling real-time service validation in an on-demand production-ready environment.

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Three Environments to Choose From

Icon_Roost Desktop


Roost Desktop

A lightweight, multi-cluster full-scale Kubernetes platform for both development and production

Icon_Roost Cloud


Roost Cloud

A headless version suited for cloud deployment as an AMI (or equivalent on other public clouds)

Icon_Roost SaaS


Roost SaaS

A control tower that manages service synchronization.

don't worry about your releases

Roost ensures change failures do not occur for cloud-native applications!

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