How does roost eliminate change failure? 

RoostScreenshot-Desktop-Cloud-Events-2021-10-800pxRoost ensures container-native apps & services are battle hardened before they hit production: 

1. Live service collaboration

2. AI-driven dependency change discovery 

3. Change validation and certification


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Reduce Downtime by Eliminating Change Failures

3. Project3_Roost Core Containers
Benefits of Roost

Reduction in Failure Rates


Seemlessly communicate with any Roost instance

Develop, deploy and test services with other Roosters.



Manage & resolve service dependency automatically

Since services collaborate with each other seamlessly, Roost provides high fidelity ways to measure golden signals: latency, signal, saturation, and traffic.



Roost provides a Kubernetes native event management system that tracks message intent, not just telemetry.

everything you need

Three Environments to Choose From



Roost Desktop

A lightweight, multi-cluster full-scale Kubernetes platform for both development and production



Roost Cloud

A headless version suited for cloud deployment as an AMI (or equivalent on other public clouds)


Roost SaaS

A control tower that manages all services synchronization

don't worry about your releases

Roost ensures change failures do not occur for container-native apps!

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