See how quickly Roost integrates code changes into your existing CD pipeline.


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The Roost platform is a new and unique way to integrate code changes into production. Roost eliminates the need for continuous integration (CI) by providing an on-demand production-like environment. It eliminates change failure rates and speeds up the release of containerized micro-services to production by enabling real-time service validation and left-shifted service integration.

Roost creates instant production-like environments and allows developers to test and share services with other stakeholders who are in QA and product. 

For every test run, Roost marks the change as certified. It will then integrate your certified change with your existing CD pipeline. And just like that, all your changes become production-ready! 



See the Roost Platform in a Live Demo

See how quickly Roost can spin-up production-like environments so developers can test service changes automatically and continuously with dependent services. This ensures that the changed service not only works on “my machine” but also works with the rest of the dependent services.