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November 8 2023

#109 The Invisible Hand of the Generative Seven (G7)

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In the dynamic arena of large language models (LLMs), a striking pattern has surfaced: the backing of trillion-dollar titans is becoming a common denominator for major LLM initiatives. These behemoths are not just silent backers; their influence and capital are shaping the trajectory of both nimble startups and established open-source projects. At times, they may even propel their own LLM into the fray, earning them the moniker of the 'Generative Seven' or 'G7' of AI. Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta, and Tesla stand tall in this league, with Nvidia adopting a different stance — it forges the weapons for war rather than waging it, supplying pivotal tools and infrastructure.

GPT-4 Turbo's Strategic Play

The OpenAI Dev Day provided a glimpse into OpenAI's strategic direction, especially with the roll-out of GPT-4 Turbo. OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, is honing in on its role as a utility provider, avoiding getting too involved in infrastructure and limiting its focus on applications to just their primary product, ChatGPT.

There was no announcement about reducing ChatGPT's price or about offering the group subscriptions that many of us were looking forward to. Instead, OpenAI emphasized the new, advanced capabilities of ChatGPT. The pricing structure they've chosen is also quite telling: approximately 1 cent for every 1,000 prompt tokens and 3 cents for every 1,000 completion tokens. It playfully suggests that providing answers is more valuable than asking questions.

The G7's Race to AI Supremacy: A Fierce Awakening

The Developer Day shockwaves on November 6th have jolted the G7 tech giants into a frenzied reassessment of their AI strategies. Four of these behemoths, previously neither disruptors nor shielded by a 'special status', now confront the harsh reality of their standings in a fiercely competitive race. In a twist to my narrative last week on the evanescent nature of tech dominance, the events have surprisingly forecasted a longer reign for the current frontrunner, potentially unsettling the status quo.

This stark realization is catalyzing bold, strategic maneuvers across the G7:

- Microsoft: Boldly extending its reach beyond mere utilities, it's capitalizing on its OpenAI alliance to inject startup vigor and agility into its expansive ecosystem.

- Alphabet/Google: Hybridizing startup ingenuity with Anthropic's fresh perspectives while aggressively advancing their in-house LLM arsenal.

- Amazon: Adopting a startup's guile by joining forces with Anthropic, showcasing a hunger for innovative edge.

- Meta: Diving headfirst into the open-source fray with Llama2, Meta is doubling down on the power of collective ingenuity.

- Tesla: Delving into open-source initiatives with Grok/X.AI, Tesla is embracing a culture of shared progress and communal development.

- Apple: Still playing its cards close to its chest, Apple may be plotting a solitary, trailblazing course that could redefine the AI landscape.

Nvidia, having entered the G7 last, occupies an enigmatic role as the indispensable tech arsenal, strategically opting to fuel the combatants rather than enter the frontline. Apple, with its dominance in the hardware realm, might elect to observe the AI battleground from a distance, leveraging its entrenched hardware dominance to pull the strings without stepping into the open skirmish.

A New Paradigm for Developers

Developer Day brought with it more than just the usual tech showcases; a subtle but game-changing initiative was set in motion. Initially, five lucky developers received $500 credits, but the generosity didn't stop there—it soon extended to all in attendance. But the real story lies in the unspoken narrative that unfolded.

Without explicitly saying so, every developer present, and even those who couldn't make it, found themselves unwittingly inducted into a bold new challenge. Echoing the ethos of companies like McKinsey, which is rumored to champion an "up or out" philosophy every three years, OpenAI's event has sent a clear message: the time to level up is now. This unannounced '10X Up or Out' program is not just for those who attended the keynote but every developer out there. The mandate? Enhance your skills tenfold through the power of generative AI technologies, or prepare to pivot your career path. The takeaway is stark: there's no sanctuary from disruption, the only path forward is through adaptation and innovation.

The Dawn of the Generative Renaissance for Enterprises

The advent of generative AI heralds a renaissance for enterprises, releasing them from the burdensome shackles of technical debt that have long hampered progress. Like a broad-reaching amnesty on past technical choices, this movement propels businesses forward into a new phase of innovation and agility. In this transformative era, application development is not only accelerated but also refined, significantly reducing technical debt with each iteration. We stand at the threshold of a radical evolution for enterprises, where generative AI serves as the catalyst for remedying historical inefficiencies and for sculpting a future characterized by swift, sustainable advancement. This period signals more than a mere transition—it marks the inception of a generative golden age for enterprises poised to leverage the revolutionary capabilities of AI.

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