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January 11 2024

#126 The True Potential of the GPT Store: A Realm of 'Unknown Unknowns'

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The recent announcement by OpenAI, particularly the long-awaited introduction of the GPT store, is a momentous occasion. While we have previously discussed the GPT store, it would be remiss not to acknowledge its official launch today as a significant milestone.

The Transformative Potential of the GPT Store

The introduction of the GPT store is drawing comparisons to Apple's launch of the App Store for the iPhone, a parallel that seems quite fitting. When Apple first opened the App Store to third-party developers, many of the initial apps seemed more like toys. Yet, nobody could have predicted how the synergy between the iPhone and the App Store would pave the way for the rise of multi-billion-dollar enterprises like Uber.

The debut of new platforms like this tends to lower barriers, not just in obvious ways but in more subtle, impactful ones. These ecosystems work by reducing friction in daily life and professional tasks, asking how they can make processes smoother. This creation of a frictionless environment becomes so appealing that it generates its own demand. For instance, Uber didn't just simplify the process of hailing a taxi; it also inadvertently eased the need to ask friends for favors, like rides to the airport.

Amidst the excitement around GPT's capabilities, such as automating routine tasks like flight bookings, it's crucial to recognize the current state of these advancements as primarily integration-focused. The role of third-party developers in this context might seem limited, with major companies potentially launching their own GPTs in app ecosystems similar to smartphone app stores.


In summary, the debut of the GPT Store transcends a mere product launch; it signifies a pivotal chapter in generative AI's evolution. Its true essence lies in the emergence of GPTs as entities with their own life-form, paving the way for groundbreaking and unforeseen applications in our daily lives.

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