Developer's work in production-ready environments.

DevOps Teams discover interaction and interdependencies’
issues in a pre-production environment.


Develop with Live Services

We believe that collaboration is the key to eliminating change failures – and reducing downtime! Left-shifted, AI-powered integration means less time spent debugging services.

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Develop in a Production-Like Environment then Certify & Validate Services

Teams develop in a production-like environment and certify that services are working together prior to release ensuring absolute consistency between environments.

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Disposable & Sharable Production-Ready Environments

Roost spins up a temporary, sharable production-like environments. Once the release is complete the instance can be disposed of reducing the need for cloud services.


Automated & continuous change validation and certification

In this short video see how the Roost platform uses machine learning for automated and continuous change validation and certification.

This makes it easier for developers to test live services in a shareable, production-ready environment and see how their changes impact dependent services BEFORE shipping to production.
What Is RoostV2
Roost helps us address cost issues by providing capabilities that allow our team and users to control the amount of time a cluster runs...Early results reveal cluster run-time savings over 80% from our previous environment.

CTO, Enterprise Security Company

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