type-envirnoments as a service for developers

Instant & Ephemeral Pre-Production Environments @ Pull Request


With Roost environments as a service platform, developers can effortlessly spin-up an ephemeral test environment at pull request and share it with stakeholders.


Quality Assurance 

QA tests functional aspects to discover regressions earlier.


Product Team
Product managers certify pull requests & provide feedback asynchronously.


Sales Engineer

Sales teams can create demo environments to share latest features with prospects.

Watch this short video to see how fast and easy it is to create and share testing environments with all your stakeholders.

Roost helps us address cost issues by providing capabilities that allow our team and users to control the amount of time a cluster runs... Early results reveal cluster run-time savings over 80% from our previous environment.

CTO, Enterprise Security Company

Developers Already Using Roost Software as a Service Platform