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August 4 2023 Unleashing Gen AI-Powered Automation for Seamless API Testing

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API test cases are crucial in ensuring that an API functions as intended and fulfills its requirements. APIs are the backbone for many mobile apps, services, and web applications, often communicating through an API gateway layer.

The entire application is at risk when an API experiences malfunctions or issues. Achieving 100% test coverage for your APIs becomes imperative to avoid embarrassing situations or downtime. Thorough testing enables the early detection and resolution of potential problems, safeguarding users from negative experiences.

By designing and executing API test cases, you can comprehensively verify the correct behavior of API endpoints, validate input and output data, and cover diverse scenarios such as different input values, edge cases, boundary conditions, and potential errors. Such thorough testing infuses confidence in the API’s functionality and reliability.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that developing API test cases can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Developers and QA professionals invest significant effort in crafting test cases that cover various scenarios, including input values and boundary cases., a copilot for Automation Testing, can automatically generate API test cases based on your API specifications, whether derived directly from Swagger, Postman, or even the source code. utilizes cutting-edge Generative AI technologies, such as OpenAI or Google Vertex Gen AI, to achieve its automatic API test case generation capabilities. By leveraging the power of these advanced AI systems, empowers users to automate the process of generating API test cases with remarkable efficiency and accuracy.

By leveraging, you can save valuable time and effort in creating test cases. The tool automatically generates API test cases and provides accompanying test data for all your API endpoints, ensuring comprehensive test coverage. This automation significantly reduces the manual effort involved in test case creation and enhances the efficiency of your API testing process.

To explore the capabilities of in automatically generating API test cases and test data, visit our website at Utilizing this platform can be instrumental in optimizing your API testing workflow and achieving the desired test coverage for your APIs.