100% Test Coverage, Every Single Time, Guaranteed.

Your Testing Co-Pilot, Powered by Generative-AI & Large Language Models.



Customers Adopting Generative AI Driven Testing and Development


Let generative AI be your next team member

Divide what tasks will be done by Roost powered by ChatGPT and what will be humans in your team


  • Ephemeral test environment on-demand
  • Automated mapping & intelligent testing
  • Leverage your existing IAC scripts

GenAI Driven Test Cases

Developers and QA personnel spend a significant time writing and managing test cases. Roost leverages the power of Generative AI to combat this challenge


Improved Test Covergae

Roost.ai can identify and create tests for edge cases that might be missed during manual test case creation, ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

Icon_Increase Productivity

Faster Release Cycles

With automated testing and ephemeral environments, Roost.ai enables faster and more efficient release cycles.

Keep building the same way... using the same DevOps tools you love!
The Roost platform takes care of the complex parts of testing and deploying changes.


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