On-demand Ephemeral Environments

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Effortlessly spin-up a pre-production environment at every pull request, feature branch, or insertion point in the DevOps / GitOps pipeline using the same micro services, containers, sidecars, etc. as production.

AI-enabled Auto-Discovery and Automated Testing

Roost's AI-enabled platform auto-discovers environment configuration by inspecting source-code repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket) and then automatically tests cloud-native applications utilizing containers and the power of Kubernetes. This proprietary process is Roost's "secret sauce" to avoid integration issues later in production. 
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Preview & Share

With Roost preview environments, developers share a custom URL with any stakeholder and they become part of the review and development process right from the start. Stakeholders no longer have to wait to see the change in production!

Improve Release Efficiency by at least 75%!